Companies have a duty of care to protect their employees from potentially harmful chemicals in cash register receipts

Paul Klymenko – CEO at Planet Ark Environmental Foundation writes LinkedIn article about the issues of BPA.

Some key points from Paul Klymenko Article are below.

Due to public pressure, Canada, the USA, a number of European countries and Australia eventually introduced voluntary withdrawals of baby bottles containing BPA from their markets.

Australian businesses have a duty of care to protect their employees and they are falling short. Despite regulation of the use of BPA in thermal paper receipts in Europe and Japan, there are currently no plans to restrict its use in Australia.

In May 2019, Planet Ark partnered with Queensland-based paper specialists, Alliance Paper, to expedite Australia’s transition to paper products such as receipts that are safer and more environmentally responsible. Planet Ark has been working with Alliance Paper to encourage businesses to make the switch to phenol-free thermal paper till receipts in order to protect workers, consumers and our environment.

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