Good News, Companies working together to phase out BPA in retail Australia.

I was recently talking to a local community member about harmful chemicals in everyday products, and she advised me of an article she saw from Planet Ark.

The news article advised about a local Queensland based company that has partnered up with Planet Ark to provide a BPA-free thermal paper that can be used by all Australian businesses as receipt paper.

When reading the article, Alliance Paper is based in Queensland (and is an Australian owned company) They are the first major company in the country, working to provide a safer thermal paper to the Australian market.

Planet Ark was proud to announce the partnership with Alliance Paper. The collaboration will encourage businesses to choose safer paper products for their customers and staff to use in the future. In the article it advised that a few of the large retail stores are still using thermal receipt rolls that contain the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA). 

Please see the article link below if you would like to read it yourself.