Proposed new restrictions on BPA in thermal paper.

As we keep looking at the harmful effects that BPA can have on the the human body. We found another article by Breast Cancer UK back in 2015 about their concerns that BPA can be passed onto newborn children.

The article is a great read about the how the information was out years ago and the UK did something about it by banning BPA in thermal paper at the start of 2020 but the Australian government still does not have any idea on this harmful chemical that is in most of the Chinese produced thermal receipt paper rolls that are getting imported into Australia at the moment.

We have read white papers and other reports that advised that BPA has a harmful effect on the human body and that other countries have banned it in production of their thermal paper. The Australian Government must act now to place a ban or a tax on the imported thermal rolls that are filled with BPA.

Please read the article for more information.