Where can I find BPA free products?

BPA has been around for decades. It stands for bisphenol A free, and it’s basically a key component in making most plastic products. Up until recently, we happily bought anything with BPA in. But, studies have shown it can present many health issues, meaning you have to cut these products out!

In this piece, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about BPA, and where you can get BPA free products in Australia.

What’s the problem with BPA?

The problem with BPA is that it is a toxic chemical that can disrupt our bodies natural hormone production. Most specifically; the production of oestrogen. This is because the chemical can almost copy oestrogen, which is a big concern. It can stunt a child’s development, lead to reproductive issues in women, and even cause brain damage.

Which products most contain BPA?

BPA is in a lot of products, but it’s mainly found in hard plastics. The most common products that contain it are food containers, drinks bottles, or food wraps. Problems occur when these products are heated, which is when the BPA ‘leeches’ into the food, and is ingested by us. Also, it’s recently found that thermal paper receipt rolls can contain BPA as well. These are basically receipts that cashiers handle every day. So, if you work in a shop, you could be exposed to lots of this chemical.

Where can you find BPA free products?

The good news is that there are lots of companies that now sell BPA free products. So, try finding products to replace existing ones that contain this chemical. Chilly’s Bottles are a global brand, but they ship throughout Australia. They primarily sell BPA free bottles that aren’t even made from plastic. This is a good substitute for a regular drinks bottle, and it means you save on plastic use at the same time!

You can source BPA free receipt rolls from Alliance Paper – a company based in Australia. If you run a business, then this is a vital idea for you to consider. Or, if you’re a cashier, try and recommend it to your boss.

Biome is another brand that you can buy BPA free products from in Australia. They specialise in so many different things; from lunch boxes to plastic-free food containers.

There’s also Flora and Fauna, which is a company that sells a lot of vegan products that don’t contain BPA. They’re an excellent place to go for compostable food storage bags and wraps, as they’re made out of plant starch.

Realistically, you can buy products from lots of other shops and online stores as well. The key is to ensure you look at the ingredients and the packaging for any telltale signs. Mainly, you’re looking to see if it says either BPA Free or bisphenol A Free. If a product doesn’t claim either of these things, that you can’t safely assume they’re free from this chemical.

We highly recommend that you sort through your plastic products at home and switch them out for BPA free versions. No good will come from this toxic chemical entering our bloodstream. It’s time to stamp it out, so spread the word and share this article with as many people as possible!